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Dermal Fillers

At Riverina Aesthetics we use Anti Wrinkle Type B. We have decided to use this single well known brand as we believe it gives the best results to our patients. At each consultation your nurse will assess and recommend the dose required to achieve your desired results.

We strive to achieve natural looking results that enhance your unique features. 

Treatment Prices

Generally, our prices are per unit of anti wrinkle used, this is $15/unit. Part of your consultation, will be completing consent forms, which will include the amount of Anti Wrinkle required and the total cost of treatment. 


Treatment areas include but are not limited to

- Glabella (frown lines) - 10 - 20 units

- Frontalis (forehead lines) - 10 units

- Orbicularis Oculi (crows feet) - 12 units

- Nasalis (bunny lines) 

- Levator Labii Superioris (gummy smile)

- Orbicularis Oris (smokers lines/lip flip)

- Depressor Angului Oris (downturned corners of mouth)

- Mentalis (dimpled chin) 

- Platysmal Bands (neck) - 20 - 40 units

Areas above that do not have the average number of units used are charged at a flat rate for treatment, unless treatment of these areas occur at the same time as other areas. Units stated above are estimates, each person is different, as is their treatment. 

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