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CE Ferulic

Professional Skincare continues to be backed by science.

Over the last 2 years SkinCeuticals has continued to understand research on our number 1 hero product - CE Ferulic.

This product is a powerful antioxidant which has the ability to provide 8 times the environmental aggressors by reducing free-radical activity in the skin. These aggressors include Ozone particulate matter and ultraviolet radiation, which are involved in inducing skin ageing.

The recently published research demonstrates that the CE Ferulic formula also provides protection against the harmful effects of pollution on the skin.


In summary, the new data published in ‘Experimental Dermatology’ shows that:


  • CE Ferulic not only prevents oxidative damage but prevents the alteration of the skin barrier induced by multi-pollutants, in addition to being able to maintain AQP3 levels, a key protein involved in skin hydration.


  • Multi-pollutant exposure significantly induced the inflammatory response which could suggest activation of the inflammasome pathway.


  • Both the previous and this current multi-pollutant study together are able to show that CE Ferulic prevents oxi-inflammatory damage and maintains skin barrier properties that can be impacted by outdoor environmental stressors.


SkinCeuticals - advanced skincare backed by science. SkinCeuticals are proud to share these results with you, read the full research paper here

Ferrara 2024- New CEF Science Publication
Download PDF • 2.41MB

If you would like to try CE Ferulic, call in to Riverina Aesthetics for a generous sized sample, or if you're ready add CE Ferulic to your daily routine, click the button below and enter 'BACKEDBYSCIENCE' to receive 10% off your order - this code will be valid until 31/3/2024.

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