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Beauty Boosters

Updated: Jan 18

Everything you need to know about Beauty Boosters at Riverina Aesthetics

Want to hydrate your skin from within? Beauty Boosters may be the treatment you have been looking for. Basically, Beauty Boosters are a moisturiser, which via a series of superficial injections in injected just beneath the top layer of the skin.

So, exactly what are beauty boosters?

Beauty Boosters are gel product. They aim to improve the appearance of the skin by hydration, as mentioned above basically a moisturiser that hydrates from below the skin. Beauty Boosters are a hyaluronic acid containing product, but are also packed with 8 amino acids, anti oxidants, minerals and vitamins including B6, Zinc and Copper.

What areas do you treat with beauty boosters?

A Riverina Aesthetics we love the results we are getting after treatment under the eyes, face, neck, decolletage and hands after treatment we have found the skin to be hydrated, firmer and more radiant.

Are beauty boosters just the same as filler?

No absolutely not! Traditionally filler is designed to volumise and structurally enhance features, beauty boosters are designed to hydrate the skin, because beauty boosters aim to support the skin, and not volumise they are a great option for many treatment areas, without the stress of overfilling, filler migration or vascular occlusion. Beauty boosters also have the added bonus of added amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

What results should I expect?

No matter the area treated, beauty boosters will look natural. Your skin will be radiant, firmer and far more hydrated. You will find your friends commenting on how amazing your skin looks without them guessing you have had an injectable treatment.

Treatment and what happens after?

To get the best results from beauty boosters it is recommended to have the areas of choice treated 3 times at 3 week intervals. On the day of treatment, topical anesthetic will be applied for comfort, consent will be obtained and before photos for your medical records will be taken. The injections are completed within minutes.

The area treated will appear to have small lumps, these will subside over the next few hours as the product is absorbed, these lumps should not be massaged in, they will be gone before you know it. You will find there may be some swelling and bruising to the sites treated, this will be no more than you might get from any injectable treatment. Swelling and bruising will generally resolve in 1-2 days.

You will need to avoid make up, excessive drinking and excessive exercise for 24 hours post treatment and remember for best results commit to the 3 treatments are 3 weekly intervals.

Beauty Boosters may be just what your skin is looking for

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